Cottages, Rochdale Old Road, Fairfield
Cottages built in 1826 on Rochdale
Old Road, Fairfield, Bury.
The George and Dragon public house,
Fairfield. Note the turreted top on the
right. This former pub is now a cafe bar
The George and Dragon public house, Fairfield
Boothfields, Bury, a
typical row of late
19th century houses
The Rock in April 2005.
Originally this part of the
thoroughfare near the
Parish Church was
named Rock Street.
St. Paul’s Vicarage; now
called Shelley House.
The ‘new’ Blackford Bridge
from an unusual angle. This
was rebuilt in 1904.
A montage of the
Old Blackford
This imposing building on
The Rock, which locals
don’t even notice, was
built in 1874 as the
‘Union Club’
Salse’s Farmhouse, Pimhole. Built
in 1650 by Quakers, then subsequently
owned by St. Thomas’s Church.
32 Wilson Street, Bury
32 Wilson Street,
Bury. Built in 1869
by John Barret, who
is believed to have
owned East Street
Paper Mill.
Gate House, Bridge Hall Lane, Bury
The Gate House,
Bridge Hall Lane,
229 and 231 Manchester
Road, Bury. Built in 1847
this is where Cecilia and
myself first met!
(Above) The Pack Horse on the Manchester Road/Parkhills Road junction in 2006. Unfortunately recent building work has removed the view of the pack horse and its owner from above the door, which was situated on the corner of the building. The old photograph above shows the Pack Horse in 1921.