Bridges Over the River Irwell
Burrs roadbridge crossing the river
as it enters Burrs Country Park
Kay Street Bridge, Summerseat and the
Waterside pub, a former mill in the village.
Shipperbottom Bridge near
Ramsbottom’s Nuttall Park
Ducks swimming near Peel Bridge
in the centre of Ramsbottom
New in Tottington Bridge with its
girder footbridge in Stubbins
Irwell Vale Bridge
Six of over twenty bridges which cross the River Irwell between Bury Bridge and Rawtenstall.

Nearly a hundred photographs have been taken so far of these bridges and from these will be selected the images which will go to illustrate the book written by Fred Slater when the Bury Local History Society publish it in due course.

All Photographs are
© Roy Turner