Members of the Society are able to conduct projects either individually or in association with other members of the Society.

The Bury Place Names Survey is being done in association with the Bury Archives using maps of Bury from the 18th century onwards. The database is now available to search on our website by navigating to the Place Name Survey page and following the instructions there.

House and Terrace Datestones is a project by member Darryl Whittle, linked here to a database on our own website.

Bury Architecture is a project being operated by one of our members, Roy Sandiford and some of the results are featured on this website.

Our Town is a series of pictures taken from our Journals, many of which have been taken by Terry Ashworth. These are also featured on the website.

Henry Dunster was born in 1609 somewhere in or near Bury. His precise birthplace is not known. He was baptized on November 26, 1609. There are two main competing theories on the location. This has led to some degree of controversy among Dunster scholars and researchers. However, despite extensive modern-day research by Charles Walker, a member of the Bury Local History Society and Henry Dunster Association  this claim has not been decisively proven.

Bridges Over the River Irwell.  This is based on a manuscript written by the late Fred Slater. He intended it to be a book on the subject of the bridges between Bury and Rawtenstall, but it was never published. With the permission of Fred’s family the Society intends to remedy this with publication of the book in due course and our Secretary Roy Turner is at present working on photographing the bridges. Some of the photographs are shown on this page of the website.
Society Projects