Henry Dunster was born in 1609 somewhere in or near to Bury. His precise birthplace is not known. He was baptized on November 26, 1609. There are two main competing theories on the location. This has led to some degree of controversy among Dunster scholars and researchers.

Ernest Axon, the former chief librarian of the Manchester City Library in the early part of the 20th century, believed that Dunster was born in or near the Dunster's Farm area on Brandlesholme Road.  However, despite extensive modern-day research by Charles Walker, a member of Bury Local History Society and of the Henry Dunster Association, who lives in the area, this claim has not been decisively proven. The title of a map of Dunster's Farm is shown here.
Meanwhile, there is also a view that the area of the current Bolholt Hotel in Bury is near the location of the actual birthplace. It contains an official "blue plaque," shown on the left.

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In 1876 a certain Samuel Dunster (born 1803) wrote an essay on ‘Henry Dunster and his Descendants’. A pdf link is attached here for those who may want to read all or part of this (over 350 pages).

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